The 2020 GSE Application opens on November 15th, 2019.


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The GSE Application is a 3 step process.

The 2020 GSE Application Checklist will be uploaded soon.

Step 1

Create your video. Check back soon for detailed instructions.

a few examples:

*Note that these are truly just examples. Please do not copy or mimic them. We really encourage creativity and are excited about the opportunity to get to know you. Your video is a glimpse into your personality. Copying someone else’s video parallels copying parts of their personality. We want to know YOU!

STep 2

Complete the online application. Check back soon!

Step 3

Collect your recommendations. You are required to gather two recommendations.

Questions? E-mail

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated on a number of criteria. Building a company (even a virtual one) is hard work and we will select participants who show us they will apply themselves wholeheartedly to the experience. The decisions are a bit subjective so show us your passion and creativity! The best applications will be sincere expressions of who you are and why you want to attend.

Applications will be scored by committees, consisting of entrepreneurs and individuals active in Kentucky’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. There is no appeal process for decisions made concerning GSE.

GSE will be selecting students in a manner that allows us to form business teams of no more than four. Effort is made to select students from all areas of the state. 

If you are in 9th or 10th grade and you do not make it in the first year of the program, try again the next summer – many successful entrepreneurs have failed the first time. Resilience and persistence are essential qualities.

Remember... students cannot be absent from GSE for any reason except emergency, illness, or overriding personal reason.


Rules and Consent


Since team building is essential to GSE, an overriding philosophy of freedom coupled with responsibility permeates all that students do. The program’s few regulations are governed by law, safety, and common concern for the total GSE community.

(1) Student automobiles or other motorized vehicles are prohibited, in addition to riding in unauthorized vehicles, or leaving campus for unauthorized trips.

(2) No drugs, including alcoholic beverages, are allowed.

(3) No firearms or other deadly weapons are allowed.

All of these rules will be strictly enforced. A student will be dropped from the program and immediately sent home for violation of any of these rules.



In order to be selected to attend GSE, each student must sign a consent form agreeing:

(1) To stay for the entire three weeks without interruption (except for illness or emergencies); and  

(2) To abide by GSE rules which include attending sessions daily, while participating fully in sessions and in the life of the community. This includes weekday and weekends on campus as well.

Before applying, you and your parents or guardians should understand that you are expected to stay for the full term of three weeks without interruption. Your teammates are counting on you to help build a successful product and company.  Students who know of scheduling conflicts in advance should contact GSE to discuss the conflict or should not apply.