GSE 2016

In its first four years, the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs has attracted students from every corner of Kentucky. GSE offers a diverse environment where open, inclusive learning takes place. Students’ perspectives are broadened as they share experiences with a new community of young entrepreneurs and together explore the social and global impact of their ideas.

There is nothing more inspiring than to witness the transformation that our young entrepreneurs go through from day 1 to day 21 of GSE. Every single one of them arrives on campus excited but nervous - every thing is brand new and strange to them - new instructors, new roommate, new teammates, new geography, new food and new subject matter. From day 1 they are presented with demanding learning experiences and challenges. They are put through the rigors of starting a company. GSE is an authentic experience where the students are encountering problems to solve and challenges to overcome just as any adult entrepreneur would in the “real world.” They walk the walk and experience the ups and downs of entrepreneurship first hand. By the end of three intense weeks they emerge with polished business pitches and greater self-esteem, ready to take on the world.

1st Place: GuardBox - a black box for your home that protects your most important data.

2nd Place: Barko Polo - a toy for dogs with sensory disabilities.

3rd Place: Transit Tracking Solutions -  a scheduling solution that makes transit systems more effective and on time.

2016 Program Report