GSE 2018

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

1st Place: Dose Defense - Dose Defense created an insert for prescription pill bottles that limits the number of pills removed at a time to one. Aiming to be the next industry standard for child proof medication, the reverse funnel shaped design can be manipulated to fit a variety of pill sizes and shapes.

2nd Place: CardiaCare - CardiaCare created a 3 pronged modern ECG solution. They engineered and printed a cheaper, quicker, and easier to use ECG. Their solution is 96.8% accurate at detecting the top 5 cardiovascular diseases.

3rd Place: Quick Haul - Communication gaps in the construction industry cause delays and underemployment, resulting in lost wages for several demographics. Quick Haul created an application that connects contractors to haulers. Here, they can monitor shipments, message and communicate easily, create detailed profiles and provide ratings and reviews, and other needed features. Their app solution digitizes the construction industry, making construction needs and connections easier than ever to find and manage