GSE Scholarships

Once participants have successfully completed our program, they immediately are eligible for a host of scholarships provided by colleges and universities around the state of Kentucky. Note that we are always working to grow this list!


GSE Host Site Scholarship

Transylvania University



All Kentucky Governor's scholars receive a guaranteed minimum award of $14,000 per year. Students who qualify for more scholarships and grant aid will receive the larger amount.


Brescia University

Wm. H Thompson School of Business Scholarship. Amount varies.


Centre College

Centre also recognizes Kentucky students who are alumni of either the Governor’s Scholars Program, the Governor’s School for the Arts, or the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs with a special scholarship guarantee. Students who successfully complete these programs and meet the following criteria automatically receive the Founders Scholarship ($20,000 per year). The GSA/GSP/GSE guarantee is reserved for students who have: 1) been admitted to the College, 2) GPA of 3.5 or higher (core academic courses only), 3) Top 10% of their class (if school ranks), 4) ACT composite of 28 or higher or an equivalent SAT score. This is only a minimum scholarship level, and students may be eligible for a more valuable scholarship based specific qualifications.


Campbellsville University

GSE Entrepreneurs are eligible to receive $2000 annually


For the upcoming 2018-19 year, the scholarship offering is $1500/semester and $3000/year. The minimum ACT requirement is 24. In addition, the students major should be in areas of study offered by the Management, Marketing, and International Business Department.

 The contact for the scholarship is Dr. Weiling Zhuang. 


Georgetown College

GSE Entrepreneurs are eligible to receive $17,500 annually


Lindsey Wilson College

Students with a composite ACT score of 24 and a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 may receive up to a full tuition scholarship. Students with a composite ACT score of less than 24 or a high school GPA of less than 3.0 may receive up to a one-half tuition scholarship. This scholarship is renewable for three years.


Kentucky Wesleyan College

Students are eligible for half tuition scholarship, valued at approximately $11,000. For students with an ACT score of 25 or higher, you have the opportunity to submit an essay about your GSE experience to increase your scholarship. The students who submit the top six essays overall from the GSP, GSA, and GSE will be awarded $16,000 scholarships.


Union College

Union College offers up to Full Tuition for 6 Governor School participants (GSP, GSA, GSE)


Western Kentucky University

1. A $1500 (per year) scholarship will be awarded to applicants to WKU who participated in the GSE program. Applicants must submit their application for admission by the January 15 deadline of the high school senior year. Scholarship awards will be based on cumulative high school GPA of 3.0. There is no minimum ACT/SAT score. 2. The scholarship is a four-year award as long as the recipient maintains at least a 3.2 cumulative grade point average each year. 3. The recipient must maintain full-time enrollment (12 or more hours each semester). The scholarship is for fall/spring semesters only. It does not cover summer/winter terms. 4. The scholarship covers regular on-campus courses only. It does not cover on-line courses.

In addition: The Business School offers one (1) Vitale Scholarship to an admitted Junior majoring in Entrepreneurship. The Vitale Scholarship is an award of $3500 each spring and fall semester and is predicated on maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA and adequate progress toward graduation. Also, the recipient will have the opportunity to be a mentoree of Mr. Don Vitale, the donor and a highly successful entrepreneur. The Vitale Scholarship is in addition to what WKU Admissions offers to GSE students. Application for it is made in Spring semester of Sophomore year.