GSE 2019 has come to a close. Did you miss Demo Day? Click the button below to check out our Facebook page. We live streamed the entire event!

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We believe that exposing teens to entrepreneurship allows them to see the world differently.

Opening our doors to the first group of teen Entrepreneurs in 2013, our mission is to bring teens from across the state into a three-week residential program, immerse them in a creative space and arm them with the tools needed to unleash their innate entrepreneurial spirits for the betterment of Kentucky. During the program, motivated teams of high school students develop a business model, design a prototype, and pitch their startup to a large audience and panel of judges. This culminating event is known to us as Demo Day. At GSE, they learn about the opportunities, benefits and pitfalls of taking a business concept from the idea phase to pitching it to potential investors. The spark of entrepreneurship is in each of us. But, to become an entrepreneur takes a unique mindset. Successful entrepreneurs must be determined and disciplined, confident and competitive and unafraid of failure. Our entrepreneurs learn how to cultivate creative thought, effectively communicate ideas, apply critical application, approach problems from different angles, consider customer perspective and turn failure into opportunity. 

Exposing Youth to Entrepreneurship

Exposing Youth to Entrepreneurship

Make an Impact

Make an Impact

Shape Future Leaders

Shape Future Leaders

Launch Your Startup

Launch Your Startup

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We help high school teens launch and grow startups.

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